*This cost can be fully discounted for SMEs (under De Minimis Aid rules) and public sector organisations in the EU through the ENTIRE EDIH which has been funded by the European Commission Recovery and Resilience Fund.

Method of Delivery
The service will mainly involve working with the organisation by email and video calls, to understand the user requirements and evaluate potential solutions. On site meetings will be organised if required.    

About the service
This services will involve working with the organisation to perform an analysis of the user requirements, identification of the most relevant commercially available data management solutions based on the user needs, analysis of any bespoke variations of commercially available solutions to address user requirements, and evaluation of the proposed solution with a simulated dataset to ensure that it would be fit for the intended purpose and, if applicable, scalable for future requirements.    

What to expect 
– Definition of user needs for a data management system (DMS) for clinical studies
– Identification of relevant commercially available solutions
– Design and implementation of user requirements on identified DMS
– Evaluation of a potential data management system with a simulated data set  

What you take away / Deliverables
The key deliverable from this ENTIRE EDIH Digital Innovation Service will be an evaluation of commercially available Data Management Systems for clinical studies, to help identify for the target organisation the best option (including bespoke modules available as applicable) based on the user needs.  

This service is designed for?
Public sector organisations and SMEs    

This service must be booked in conjunction with:
This services will require a DMA (Digital Maturity Assessment) to be performed before and after the “Test-Before-Invest” project




Enquire About This Service

Contact: Dr. Paul Galvin