Service ID

De Minimis Aid value €15,000 – 100% funded by the EDIH 

Method of Delivery
Onsite (in person) and Online

About the service
The Stakeholder Engagement Workshops provided by ENTIRE the EDIH are designed to ensure that the end user will utilize the product or platform for its intended purpose. These workshops are crucial for both Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) and Public Sector Organizations (PSOs) to align their projects with user expectations and needs. Our expert-led sessions focus on gathering and incorporating stakeholder feedback, thereby enhancing the relevance and success of your digital innovations. Whether you are in the early stages of project development or refining an existing solution, our Stakeholder Engagement Workshops provide the insights necessary for user-centered design and implementation

What to expect 
– Interactive Sessions: Participate in dynamic and interactive workshops that encourage open dialogue and collaboration among stakeholders. 
– Expert Facilitation: Benefit from the guidance of seasoned professionals who specialise in stakeholder engagement and user-centered design. 
– Tailored Content: Receive customized content that is relevant to your specific project, industry, and organizational needs. 
– Feedback Mechanisms: Engage in structured activities designed to gather comprehensive feedback from all relevant stakeholders. 
– Practical Exercises: Take part in practical exercises and real-world scenarios to better understand stakeholder perspectives. 

What you take away / Deliverables
Comprehensive Stakeholder Feedback: Receive feedback from stakeholders, ensuring that their voices are heard and considered in your project. 

Engagement Report: A thorough report summarising the engagement process, key findings, and recommendations. 

User-Centered Improvements: Integrating stakeholder feedback into the requirements of your project, to enhance user adoption and satisfaction. 

Enhanced Project Alignment: Improved alignment of your product or platform with the actual needs and expectations of end users, increasing the likelihood of successful adoption. 

This service is designed for?
Private & Public sector organisations 

This service must be in conjunction with:
This service needs to be delivered alongside a Tier 1 service (Discovery and assessment or Digital Innovation Consultation Clinic) and a Tier 2 service called Technical needs assessment.  



Enquire About This Service

Contact: Hazel Peavoy

Telephone: (086) 168 7044