Service ID
De Minimis Aid value €10,500 – 100% funded by the EDIH

Method of Delivery
Onsite (in person) and Online

About the service
Unlock the digital potential (advanced) of your SME or PSO, by engaging with ENTIRE on a 360 needs assessment (national landscape analysis, EU horizon scanning and analysis, mind map of network etc) we will set you and your SME or PSO on the right path to ensure that your technology
uptake has the greatest impact for your business.

What to expect 
1. 360 Needs assessment of the company and its client base

2. *Additional items would be included here based on the SoW in phase 1. For example – National landscape analysis, EU Horizon analysis, Mindmap of Network of contacts generated during the assessment

3. End report will be provided with content from the above included

4. Discussion and proposed SoW for stage 3.

What you take away / Deliverables
1. 360 needs assessment of the company or public service organisation and End Report
2. Proposed SoW for stage 3.

This service is designed for?
Public and Private sector organisations.

This service must be in conjunction with:
This service needs to be delivered alongside a Tier 1 service (Discovery and assessment or
Digital Innovation Consultation Clinic)



Enquire About This Service

Contact: Hazel Peavoy

Telephone: (086) 168 7044