Service ID

€45,000 – 100% funded by EDIH

Method of Delivery
Onsite in person and / or Online

About the service
Through experimental research, this service sets out to prove the concept of your solution, checking the checking the technical feasibility of supporting future and further development to a fully capable software solution, complete with templates for continuous Integration, testing, and deployment/delivery as well as estimated future development costs and timeline.
Delivery over 3 to 4 months (dependent on scope).

What to expect 
(i) Phase 1: 
1. Frontend: Define the UI / UX strategy.
2. Backend: Define the interfaces / API needed.

(ii) Phase 2: 
1. Logical Architecture Model 
2. Data Model 
3.Identify Resources needed (AWS Amplify, Firebase, Mobile, Web etc) 

(iii) Phase 3: 
1. Implement to TRL 3 
2. Future timeline and Research & Development costs.

What you take away / Deliverables
Experimental proof of concept. Report on future timeline, recommended research and development costs.

This service is designed for?
SMEs and Public Service Organisations (PSO) 

This service must be in conjunction with:
 This service needs to be delivered alongside a Tier 1 service (Discovery and assessment or Digital Innovation Consultation Workshop)    and a Tier 2 service such as a (Requirements Feasibility Investigation)



Enquire About This Service

Contact: Hazel Peavoy

Telephone: (086) 168 7044