*This cost can be fully discounted for SMEs (under De Minimis Aid rules) and public sector organisations in the EU through the ENTIRE EDIH which has been funded by the European Commission Recovery and Resilience Fund.

Method of Delivery
Onsite or online delivery

About the service
Tailored cyber-attack simulation service using a mobile and/or cloud cyber range, beneficial for cyber awareness campaigns, training, and industry-specific scenario analysis. 

What to expect 
– This service will provide Organisations with the ability to develop a generic cyber-attack simulation related to their organisation by utilising the mobile and/or cloud cyber range infrastructure. This service would be beneficial for cyber awareness campaigns, training and analysing specific cyber-attack scenarios in the context of the organization’s industry. 

– This service will provide the organisations with an opportunity to understand which cyber-attack vectors and advanced persistent threats would be applicable to your organisation and to understand the consequences of such an attack vector. 

What you take away / Deliverables
– Tailored cyber-attack simulation created  for the organization, reflecting its  operations, systems, and potential cyber threats
– The cyber-attack will utilize the MITRE Att&ck framework to identify the applicable APTs and associated tactics, techniques and procedures. 
– Interactive Training Materials: Creation of interactive training materials, including simulations, scenarios, and exercises, to educate employees on cyber threats and effective response strategies.
– Cyber Awareness Campaign Materials: Development of materials for cyber awareness campaigns, such as videos, presentations, and informational resources, to promote a culture of cybersecurity within the organization.
– Analysis Reports: Detailed reports analysing the cyber-attack simulation and identifying vulnerabilities, weaknesses, and areas for improvement in the organization’s cybersecurity posture.
– Recommendations for the selection of further ENTIRE services.  

This service is designed for?
Public and Private Sector Organisations   

This service must be booked in conjunction with:
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Contact: Michael Kelleher