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De Minimis Aid value €6,500 – 100% funded by the EDIH.  

Method of Delivery
Onsite (in person) and Online

About the service
This service provides you with an exploration of the technology that could be used to implement business cases. It offers an insight into the current capabilities of the proposed technology with identification of considerations such as regulatory, technical limitations (hardware and/or software) or resource requirements for adopting the technology.  
This type of exploration includes – but is not limited to – emerging technology such as Extended Reality including Augmented and Virtual Reality as well as Artificial Intelligence. 
Following this service, you will be better informed as to how a specific technology or process can be integrated to your proposed business case with a comprehensive understanding of the potential benefits as well as considerations that the technology will have. 
The recommendations that shall arise from this service can help to advance further investigations such as a bespoke technical roadmap to the solution via Enterprise Ireland Innovation Voucher programmes. 

What to expect 
Exploration of technology for your business needs: Discuss the technological needs for your business use case with experts who will then identify and align the most suitable toolset (hardware and software).  

– Explanation of Benefits and potential: The comprehensive expertise of our technology specialists ensures that you shall receive sufficient explanations of features as well as the potential benefits of utilising the technology for your use case.  
Also, you shall receive information regarding any potential restrictions or regulatory requirements of the technology that may impede its use for your business needs. 

Guidance and Recommendations: the collaborative nature of this service ensures that – not only shall you receive guidance on the most appropriate technological tools for your use case but that – your requirements such as cost, scalability and complexity of adoption are integrated into the recommendations. 

– Information for next steps: at the conclusion of this service, we will begin the conversations for the next stage whether that be for a Needs Assessment service or to take the information acquired as the crucial first step in undertaking a technical roadmap to your solution via an Enterprise Ireland Voucher  

What you take away / Deliverables
A technical analysis report.  
This report shall outline information that ensures you will have a firm grasp of:  
– Which technology could be used to advance your business case with an understanding imparted of the features and considerations that are inherent to this recommendation. 
– The next steps that you can take – whether an EDIH service or pursuing a technical roadmap via a Technology Gateway – to advance your concept. 

This service is designed for?
Public and Private sector organisations.  

This service must be in conjunction with:
This service needs to be delivered alongside a Tier 1 service (Discovery and assessment or Digital Innovation Consultation Clinic)  



Enquire About This Service

Contact: Hazel Peavoy

Telephone: (086) 168 7044