*This cost can be fully discounted for SMEs (under De Minimis Aid rules) and public sector organisations in the EU through the ENTIRE EDIH which has been funded by the European Commission Recovery and Resilience Fund.

Method of Delivery
Online delivery

About the service
Understanding the cybersecurity needs of your Organisation by engaging with ENTIRE’s cybersecurity experts.

What to expect 
– Consultation with key stakeholders to gain clarity on the Organisation’s short-term and long-term cybersecurity goals. This understanding will help align cybersecurity strategies, according to best practices and standards, with broader Organisation objectives, ensuring that security measures support and enable the organisation’s mission and growth plans.

– This consultation will support ENTIRE in understanding the cybersecurity needs of your Organisation and will allow for the collection of essential information and insights that will set the foundation for a comprehensive understanding of your Organisation’s cybersecurity needs and form the basis for the selection of subsequent ENTIRE cybersecurity services. This will ensure that cybersecurity initiatives are tailored to your Organisation’s unique objectives, operations, and risk profile, ultimately enhancing your resilience against cyber threats.

– An initial Digital Maturity Assessment (DMA) completed through the European Digital Innovation Hub (EDIH) Network portal. This is a guided assessment of your company’s “Digital Maturity” based on the “Digital Maturity Assessment Tool” provided by the European Commission and is a measure of the current level of digitalisation within your organisation (SME or Public Sector organisation) and provide a structured pathway to digital transformation and maturity. This DMA will provide additional essential information to support ENTIRE in understanding the cybersecurity needs of your Organisation.

What you take away / Deliverables
– By engaging in this initial consultation, this service ensures that any future cybersecurity strategies that are developed through ENTIRE services are aligned with the Organisation’s objectives, operations, and regulatory requirements.
– Report outlining a roadmap to achieve your desired cybersecurity objectives for your business
– A comprehensive Digital Maturity Assessment (DMA) Report tailored to your organisation.
– Recommendations for the selection of further ENTIRE services.  

This service is designed for?
Public and Private Sector Organisations   

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Contact: Michael Kelleher