Service ID
€10,500 – 100% funded by EDIH

Method of Delivery
Onsite in person and / or Online

About the service
Understanding in theory if your idea can be realisedby engaging with ENTIRE’s Software Engineering Experts.

What to expect 
i. Phase 1: Solution Identification: ½ day consultation with key expertise to gain clarity on whether or not your idea can be technically realised. This understanding will help align technology roadmaps according to latest technologies and frameworks with your broader organisation objectives, ensuring that technical choices support and enable the organisation’s product roadmap.

ii. Phase 2:  Initial contextual research on client problem identified solution.

iii. Phase 3: Solution Elaboration and reporting: understanding the software technology needs of your Organisation, allowing for the collection of essential information and insights that will set the foundation for a comprehensive understanding of your product’s technical needs and form the basis for the selection of subsequent ENTIRE services. This will ensure that design initiatives are tailored to the users of your product / services objectives ultimately enhancing your resilience against poor technical decisions and over expenditure.

What you take away / Deliverables
– Requirements Feasibility Report
– Recommendations & Next steps / Statement of Work

This service is designed for?
SMEs and Public Service Organisations (PSO) 

This service must be in conjunction with:
 This service needs to be delivered alongside a Tier 1 service (Discovery and assessment or Digital Innovation Consultation Workshop)    



Enquire About This Service

Contact: Hazel Peavoy

Telephone: (086) 168 7044